1 None, last of the minor canonical hours, answering to three o'clock P.
2 (Southern Cone) Grandma, granny.
3 lethargic encephalitis, encephalitis lethargica.
* * *
f., (m. - nono)
* * *
femenino (Ven fam) rubbish (colloq), crap (vulg)

como la ñoña — (Chi fam) very badly

volver or hacer algo ñoña — (Ven fam) to smash something

volverse ñoña — persona (Ven fam) to get into a mess (colloq)

* * *
femenino (Ven fam) rubbish (colloq), crap (vulg)

como la ñoña — (Chi fam) very badly

volver or hacer algo ñoña — (Ven fam) to smash something

volverse ñoña — persona (Ven fam) to get into a mess (colloq)

* * *
(Chi, Ven fam)
shit (vulg), crap (vulg)
como la ñoña (Chi fam); very badly
me fue como la ñoña it went really badly, I screwed up (colloq)
lo pasamos como la ñoña we had a lousy time (colloq)
sacarle la ñoña a algn (Chi fam); to beat hell o the living daylights out of sb (colloq), to beat the shit out of sb (vulg)
sacarse la ñoña (Chi fam) (esforzarse mucho) to work like a dog (colloq), to work one's butt off (AmE colloq), to slog one's guts out (BrE colloq) (quedar herido) to get hurt; (matarse) to kill oneself
volver or hacer algo ñoña (Ven fam); to smash sth
el carro quedó vuelto ñoña the car was totaled (AmE) o (BrE) was a complete write-off
volverse ñoña «persona» (Ven fam); to get into a mess (colloq)
* * *

ñoño,-a adjetivo
1 (sin gracia) drippy, dull
2 (mojigato) prudish
(remilgado) whiny, fussy
II m f whiny person, drip
'ñoña' also found in these entries:
- refunfuñón
* * *
ñoña nf
Andes, Ven muy Fam
1. [excremento] crap, shit
2. [cosa mala] piece of crap;
esta ñoña de bicicleta otra vez está sin frenos the brakes have gone on this lousy bike again;
hoy todo me fue para la ñoña I've had a lousy day today
* * *
I adj feeble fam , wimpish fam
II m, ñoña f drip fam , wimp fam

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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